Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Video Projects of 2010

2010 was busy year for me on the freelance video production side of things. It was also a year new things both in terms of types of videos and in terms of starting to shoot a lot of material on DSLR cameras. Here's a quick look through some highlights of projects I worked on in 2010 in my freelance video work.

The River Church:

I created four short videos for the River Church's website. This has to be the most aesthetically unique video project I did in 2010 as it used several distinct techniques ranging an all DSLR shoot to video rear projection during the interview shoot. You'll also notice that we went for a very film-like look in both the colors, film reel transitions, and the 2.35:1 wide aspect ratio more reminiscent of big action or cinematic films. Bellow you can see the first of the four videos. To see all four, head over to

Shot with two Canon Rebel T2i cameras.

The Back Bay Hotel in Boston:

I created a short video for the Back Bay Hotel this past year. This too was entirely shot with DSLR and is featured on I did all the sooting and editing.

Shot with two Canon Rebel T2i cameras.

AOL Travel Boston:

This series of short videos for AOL Travel's new website was shot all over Boston, all using the Canon Rebel T2i. My thanks to host Matt Rodrigues, sound recordist Mike Lamantia Jr. and producer Raz Cunningham! I did the shooting and editing. 

AOL Stylelist: Hot In My Salon Episodes:

I shot and supervised the editing of two episodes for the Stylist web series, Hot in My Salon. This was all shot run-and-gun documentary style with my Sony HDR-FX1 camera.

Westwood Patch:

As AOL rolls out new specialized websites in their Patch brand, they hired me to shoot videos for two of the area editors for specific Patch websites. I created videos for Westwood and Brookline, Massachusetts, this past summer. Both videos were shot with the Canon Rebel T2i.

There is definitely other material I shot this past year, specifically for narrative film projects, that I wish I could include here at this time. However, those projects are currently in post-production and will be rolled out some time later this year. And when they are rolled out, rest assured I will put some samples here as they do represent serious new achievements in my own work as a cinematographer.

Thank you to all my clients this past year. Here's to a great 2011!

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