Monday, May 26, 2008

Making “Cellar Door”: The Creation of an HDV Short Film.

Most of us aspiring filmmakers don’t have the luxury of endless resources. But you shouldn’t let that stop you, especially not these days. What follows is a sort of production diary, detailing how my very small crew and I created a short film for less than two grand, and how this little film has started to create new opportunities for us. Particularly, I want to discuss what we learned on the technical side of making an ambitious and very visual short film for such a small price tag.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Few Changes

If you're reading this blog, you may have noticed the utter lack of activity here in the last few months. First of all, I'm very sorry. Secondly, allow me to explain:

In the last few month, I've been working hard on completing a short film called "Cold October," which I directed. As we wrapped post-production on that film and got it into the hands of the company submitting it to film festivals for us, we launched pre-production on another short film, "Always Reaching." This wasn't something I'd planned on doing so quickly, but when opportunity presents itself, you're a fool if you don't take it. I am now cutting "Always Reaching." Between these two filmmaking ventures and work as a freelance videographer, little time has been left to write posts.