Friday, December 3, 2010

Distribution for My Lastest Short Films

Just released in the United States today by Indie Media Entertainment, my award-winning (Best Screenplay at Terror Film Festival) psychological thriller short film, "Cold October," and my dark and dramatic short film "Always Reaching" are now available as VOD (Video on Demand) on-line streaming rentals. For "Always Reaching," this is the first release of the film. It has played in festivals and had special on-line test screenings, but has not been made widely available to the public until today.

In the coming weeks, Indie Media Entertainment will also be releasing both films on DVD through and as VOD available on TiVo. The exact release date for the DVDs and the TiVo VODs are still to be determined.

To rent "Cold October" on VOD today, go to:

To rent "Always Reaching" on VOD today, go to:

I invite you to check the films out. Your support is deeply appreciated! If you happen to have followed my sporadic blogging, you understand that filmmaking is a profound passion and dream of mine. I cannot fulfill this dream with out the support of all the amazing people who have contributed to the making of these films and all the scores of other people who support my efforts by renting and buying copies of my films. I also rely on word of mouth from people who enjoy my films to get the word out there to other people who I just cannot reach otherwise. So please, pass along these links to any of your friends or family!

Thank you,
Mikel J. Wisler
co-writer and director of "Cold October" and "Always Reaching"

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