Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Videos

In light of the fact that I have just moved from the Northern Indiana area to the Boston area, I've had quite a bit on my plate lately and have not had a chance to make more blog entries here in a while. But, I do have a few new videos to present, one being a new version of my director's demo reel. Thus, I thought I might post those here for a some food for thought and possible discussion.

The second video is something I made for use at the church I was attending in South Bend before my move, Redeemer Missionary Church. Cease Fire Strategies is now using this video on their site as well. It is an exploration of why I love cinema--a sort of apologetic of filmmaking from a Christian perspective.

The final video is the behind-the-scenes documentary for my newest short film, "Always Reaching." To learn more about "Always Reaching," go to: We are now submitting that film to festivals. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments about the videos.

Director's Demo Reel:

Transcendent Cinema:
Making "Always Reaching":

Online Videos by

All are property of Runaway Pen Productions and are used here with permission.

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